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Product Packaging Designs by Explainicks Studio

You may not realize it, but sometimes a small change in the packaging can prod a sluggish-moving product to yield terrific sales at the point of purchase.

Putting a spin on the old adage – you can judge the contents of a book by its cover. We believe you can judge the quality of a product from its packaging. It’s the first thing buyer’s notice, which is why a diamond ring will always come in a satin-lined box, and a packet of banana wafers in a crisp, rustling paper bag, testifying to the freshness of the product packed inside. Watch the excitement on a child’s face, when he rips open that packet.

Second, product packaging is also preserving the longevity of a product, ease of transportation etc. Above all, thoughtful, attractive, carefully-considered packaging reveals that you care about your product and have lovingly ‘gift wrapped’ it for your customers.

Client: Lotte

Category: Product Design

Date: August 2016