sn1 800x500 - Minimalistic Logo Design
sn4 800x500 - Minimalistic Logo Design
sn3 800x500 - Minimalistic Logo Design
sn2 800x500 - Minimalistic Logo Design

Snapcall App minimal logo design -

Logos are distinct and memorable designs that are used to represent a business or enterprise. Logo designing is the process of designing a logo and is among the first tasks undertaken while starting a new venture. Hence, logos are the face of any brand – the very first impression and when executed correctly, serves a very powerful asset to the business. Further, in today’s digital words, businesses have to compete for attention and credibility – far beyond the traditional confines of a business card, brochure and website. Today’s businesses must address its customers through multiple touch points like sign boards, videos, mobile apps, ecommerce platforms, packaging and a myriad of social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube. Hence, its important to take time and design a logo that represent the company while starting a new venture.

Client: Snapcall

Category: Logo Design

Date: October 2017